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The Black Film and Media Group is a non-profit organization that ventures to create opportunities for people of color in the film, media and entertainment industries

To leverage the aggregate talents, skills, technologies, resources, and creative abilities of members to facilitate consistent opportunities for job creation, workforce development, entertainment based economic development, and to build, strengthen and celebrate the achievements and contributions of members, while making a positive impact on the communities we serve.

We venture to be one of the premier film, media and entertainment support organizations by creating projects and opportunities within the collective, by utilizing our talent and skills, as well as outreaching to collective resources. We will help each member to grow artistically, creatively, technically, financially and as a group utilizing techniques of collaboration, training and skill building. In addition we will perform outreach for our communities by creating growth opportunities in the film media and entertainment industries.


      • To aid members in professional development
      • To develop projects internally that will aid in focus of the organization
      • To outreach to community
      • To establish a standard of excellence for our members and community